Why you should do Himalayan Trek-Hamta Pass


Why you should do Himalayan Trek-Hamta Pass

Have you ever wondered why people trek ? I have mostly seen that those who trek, return to trek again… and again.. They keeping trekking till they can.Hampta Pass is one of the most beautiful trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh state of Indian. Hampta pass trek is considered to be an easy trek and convenient of all treks in Himachal Pradesh. Hampta Pass trekking gives an amazing experience of exploring your life with special hues of nature. Hampta pass trek connects two beautiful valley named; Kullu and Lahaul, where one gets various landscapes. Colorful Himalayan birds, species and flowers attract the viewers by their beauty. The scenic landscape, frequently change in weather and atmosphere delights the trekkers and gives a good option of clicking pictures, Climbing on the snow and many more. Hampta Pass trek is a trek of 05 days which starts from beautiful hill station Manali.

Hampta Pass Trek Highlights:

Duration:        5 Days | Manali to Manali.                                                                   

Max Altitude:  14,100 ft.

Group Size:     10 to 15 plus team.
Region:           Himachal Pradesh, Indian Himalayas

Why Hampta Pass trek:

  • If you are a beginner in trekking community and want to explore an incredible trek.
  • One of the beautiful hiking trips in Indian Himalayas.
  • Delve into the estatic tour of hills that will certainly touch your heart by its beauty and thrill.

How difficult is the Hampta Pass Trek?

The difficulty level of the is moderate as compared to other treks in Himachal and is best for the beginners. The terrain is leveled and decorated by lush green meadows and pines throughout. A 11-12 year old can easily walk through the trekking in Manali. If you face any difficulties, there are tour guides and people available who will help you throughout the way and the camping sites are beautiful and safe.


Details of the Hampta Pass Trek

This awesome trekking expedition gives you a beautiful sight of the Hampta Pass and the Chandratal Lake. Beginning your expedition from Manali situated at 2050 meters, you will proceed to Jobri by road, leading to Chika that stands at 3100 meters. The trek from here will take you to your Base Camp at Balu Ka Ghera at 3600 meters. Trek amidst the picturesque backdrops through the Hampta Pass, which lies, on an astounding elevation of 4268 meters and continue on to Siagoru at 4000 meters. Leading on to Chatru at 3100 meters, you will arrive at the enchanting Chandratal Lake that attains the peak at a majestic 4270 meters.


Its YOUR Time How much time has it been that you did not have time for YOURSELF?? These days we keep extremely busy making our lives better, for ourselves and our dear ones. However, that does take a toll on us. On a trek, its You and Your time completely !! Do what you like to do, Go where you like to go, THINK what you like to think. Its beyond my boundaries to tell you what to do when the Time is YOURS !!



Trek Itinerary and life transformation you can observe at every level from Manali

Day-1 – Manali to Jagatsukh- Baggi

(Training- Know Yourself in deeper level)


Day-2 -Baggi to Saraha Baggi (10,170 Feet)

(Training- Know Your Identity)


Day-3- Baggi to Sarotu

(Training – Goal Setting)


Day-4 Sarotu to Jobri back to Manali

( Training- Overall Transformation)



These are just few of the notable points I have discussed. There are unlimited such reasons to trek or to start to trek. Find yours.


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