Why you should build climbing wall for your kids in your home or Building


Kids are natural climbers, and we love seeing the new generation exploring our climbing wall. Indoor climbing for kids is a huge part of what we do.

We offer climbing lessons for kids suitable for all ability levels, and ages 4 and up.

Climbing is a form of exercise which uses every muscle in the body, and many, many parts of the brain!

Climbing is awesome for children and kids love climbing, So you won’t have to drag them away from their computer game to get them to out. Our climbing walls have all the thrills they need! If your child has not yet managed to engage with sport or exercise in general then it is likely that climbing will be the key

If you have been worried that your child spends a little too much time with eyes glued to a screen, be it a smart phone, computer, tablet or the TV, then you’re going to read this blog.

Check out 4 key benefits of indoor wall climbing for children

1.    Problem solving

 Problem solving requires patience, planning and analysis in order to successfully crack the code. Many new, beginner climbers, tend to approach each problem as they climb the route but as they progress, climbers learn to visualize the route they will take, what hand and foot will be placed where and work out the roughest part of the climb before they set out.


2.     Confidence

Beating climbs and reaching the top of the wall is a confidence booster, but so is talking to other young climbers, coaches and adults, around the center. The Hangar is a highly sociable place to be and our smallest climbers are just as much a part of that as anyone else.

3.    Setting individual goals

When children can set their own goals and then continually keep pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to achieve them – it creates great self-esteem. The height can be a limiting factor for some children, but working together, building trust and confidence step by step, will help overcome fears. Once your children have overcome some of these fears they will be mentally strong and able to handle what comes their way in other aspects of their lives. It can take children a long time to find their ‘thing’/ something which they can really shine at. Climbing, with its endless challenges and possibilities, allows kids to set and achieve goals every time they come to the climbing wall.

4.     Independence

When a child is on the wall, it’s common to get a case of the heebie jeebies(a state of nervous fear) and feel a little stuck. We work to build their belief in themselves, help them to remain calm and understand that if they got up to a hold, they can get down from it.  

so it helps sharpen your brain. A lot of people like it as it allows you to escape everyday worries and just focus on the climb.  It also can give a great sense of achievement.


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