(By Taking part in 360 Explorer’s Trek / Expeditions you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions)

You will agree to sign Terms and condition listed below. You must accept these terms and conditions in order to join a Trekking/ Tours/ Expedition with 360 Explorers LLP. Parents and Guardians should accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the minor they are signing for.

1)       ELIGIBILITY: –

Participants must be a suitable physical and mental condition at the time of their Trekking departure date. Participants must get themselves fully aware of the potential risk involved in the activity undertaken. Participants under the age of 18 must-have absolute consent from a legal guardian and witnessed by at least two independent parties.


2)       Modes of Payment: –   Online | Cash

In all the Trekking events these cancellation T&C’S will apply-

        Any cancellation request made should be in writing to the E-mail address or by Call.

Participants accept that all the cancellations settlements will be managed by the 360 Explorers.


If you wish to change the date of a Trekking or get a transfer into another Trek/Expedition/Tour you have booked with us, please inform us and make changes not later than 10 days before the commencement of the Trekking in Maharashtra. 30 Days before the International Expedition. We are not responsible for any Airline Booking.


All the participant taking part in any of the 360 Explorers Trekking Events acknowledge and understand fully that these Trekking involve element of risk depending on nature of challenge. While 360 Explorers aims to safeguard participant’s safety and health, we cannot be held responsible for damage, illness or injury Sustained during or as a result of your participation. You thus will take part entirely at your own risk and agree to indemnify us and our partners, the charity, our employees, agents, sub-­­contractors and suppliers against claims for any loss or damage to personal property or for loss or consequential losses or claims through your participation in this challenge arising from your own actions.

You are responsible to bring your equipment’s clearly mentioned in the kit list of the particular challenges itinerary. We are not responsible in any way in case you are not able to arrange adequate clothing and equipment else you will not be allowed to continue on a challenge.

All participants must wear safety clothing or equipment’s as mentioned by guides or may be required in the country concerned or under the rules and regulations of any local service provider for any activity undertaken by you.

Participants must be reasonably fit according to challenge taken, an idea of which is mentioned in your Trekking itinerary. Trek guide and leaders at any stage has the right to stop the participant to continue on their respective Trek, in case they find that participant is not adequately fit, healthy adequately equipped and is affecting Trek safety and progress.


There is nothing like ‘certain’ in an adventure-based activity. Therefore participant must understand and acknowledge that the itinerary given for each Trek is an indication or a tentative schedule to achieve our aim and objectives and not binding contract with us. Changes in the itinerary may be made with changes in the climatic conditions, mode of transportation, equipment use and any other factors that are beyond our control. If for any reason there is an alteration to the mentioned itinerary, we will try to inform you as early as possible. You agree to accept these changes anytime during the course of a Trek.


Accommodation used totally depends on the nature of Trek and the area in which it is conducted. We can either use hostels, lodges, hotels, camping /tents or a mix of any or all of these as our accommodation during our Trek. We reserve the right to change the accommodation due to unforeseen circumstances.


Adventure travel insurance is one of the essential requirements to book a Trek. All participants must have travel insurance with adventure cover, covering activities like (mountaineering, cycling, trekking, etc.) it should also cover medical (emergency, evacuation, and repatriation) arrangements, cancellation of the Trek, etc. Always read the entire policy wording carefully before selecting a policy that suits you. We have a special policy customized for these Trek, but in case you wish to take another policy then you must purchase it. Please Read Terms of condition and cover of policy given by us and you have to accept it.


8)       Limitation of our Liability

Participants acknowledge that 360 Explorers trekking involve an element of risk depending on the nature of challenge.


9)       360 Explorers LLP is not responsible for the following:

1)       If anything happens before  meeting  us  or board our transport at the meeting point or  after you finish your  Trek/Tour/Expedition  and leave our services and transport.

2)       If for any reason you fail to reach the meeting point on time. Though we will try to help you in any way we reasonably could.

3)       Clarity of views and the weather.

4)       Numbers or quality of animals or any other wildlife, you might hope to see on the tour.

5)       Any sort of medical problems or physical complications, including the ones, which you have told us about earlier.

6)       Anything with respect to goods and services you buy or accept during the Trek other than those arranged by us that is mentioned in the itinerary provided to you.

7)       Medical Emergencies/ Injury/Death.

8)       Your overall behavior and conduct during the Trek and any sort of negligence, carelessness or Recklessness.

9)       Reasonable change made to the itinerary and the accommodation or any other component of the Trek.

10)   Local Customs, behavior, laws and rules and regulations in a country/ State/ Village you may visit.\

11)   It’s a Participant’s responsibility to raise concerns they have born or during the Trek.

12)   You are responsible for your own actions during the challenge/ Trek and if you take part in an activity that is dangerous or places you in harm’s way, you do so of your own accord.

13)   You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for all liabilities, loss, claims, criminal acts and expenses that may arise from any breach of these terms and conditions by You, including any third party liabilities incurred by us as a result of your actions.

10)    MEDIA

You agree that any kind of photography, videography or any other kind of media associated with the Trek, taken or made during, post or pre­challenge, which may have you in it might be used for our future publicity material for our various archives and we will have full rights in all these media made by us or by you and no royalties or benefits of any, the kind will be extended for the same.

11)    Behavior:

As part of your Trek, you will be visiting new places, countries or states or villages having different rules and regulations. It’s your duty and responsibility to act appropriately in accordance with the laws at all times. Please always comply with instructions of guides and the Trek leaders.

 Consumption of alcohol is strictly banned on all programs organized by 360 Explorers LLP. Anybody found under the influence of alcohol at any point will be asked to disassociate from the group with immediate effect. No refund can be claimed against any such terminations.


12)  If we do not understand the given language, we have ensured that we fully understood its clauses from our friends and relatives and further identify 360 explorer LLP against any such adverse claims pertaining to our understanding.

If in 360 Explorers opinion at any time your actions may cause accidents, injury, discomfort or damage or loss of property to local to or any tour members, we might terminate your Trek arrangements and logistics in consideration with our supplier. In such case 360 Explorers LLP or any third party venders have no liability to you for any kind of refunds or compensation. Also, you are liable for any cost associated with your behavior, which we have incurred.


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