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Sahyadri Trek

Not everybody can handle the Himalayas, magnificent though they are. But they’re not the only option for those who like trekking. The Sahyadri range can give you some extremely beautiful treks and hikes, though they’re usually not as challenging as, say, the Chadar trek. The beauty of trekking in the Sahyadris is different. 

It’s not the kind that will punch a hole in your gut because the sheer magnificence hits you so hard that you can hardly breathe. This is the kind of beauty in which you can find a mellow kind of peace even when you’re out of breath. It gives you hope instead of making you feel like an insignificant little ant, which happens when confronted by the majesty of mountains like the Kanchenjunga. Of course these treks are easier, but not just physically; the emotional and mental effects of these treks are a lot easier on the system, too! On a practical note, they take far less time – lots of them are one-day treks – and cost far less money.

Trekking is one of the most cherished introductions to the mountains. Trekking in Sahyadri mountains is an experience of a lifetime. The range promises a number of exhilarating treks, and they are not just the touristy trails but also some thrilling offbeat ones.

Exploring means learning. Bring new experiences for each journey. Meet different cultures, traditions, and landscapes. Choose your next destination.

Sahyadri Mountains in the Western Ghats is 1600 km in length running parallel to the western coastline. Sahyadri Range covers six states Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site it is home to the wildlife and rich biological diversity. There is a total of thirty-nine reserve forest, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks designated in the Sahyadris. 

Best Trekking Route in Maharashtra 

  • Harihar Fort Trek
  • Kalavantin Durg Trek
  • Dhak Bahiri Trek
  • Kalsubai Peak Trek
  • Gorakhgad Fort Trek 
  • Andharban Forest Trek 
  • Vasota Nageshwar Trek 
  • Anjaneri Trek 
  • Salher Salota Fort Trek 
  • Harischandragad Fort Trek 

Things To Carry

  • Pack lunch for Monday, comfortable Ruck sack, sleeping bag
  • Carry mat, dish, two bowls, glass, spoon, torch with extra cells, sports shoes
  • Track pants, full T-shirts, spare clothes, towel, cap/hat
  • Sunscreen lotion, sun glasses,
  • Personal medical kit, cold cream
  • Slippers, knife, snacks, fruits etc.

Schedule – Sahyadri


30th November – 01st December : Thrilling Night Trek to Bhairavgad (Moroshi)


01st : Night Trek To Vikatgad (Peb) Fort
01st : Night Trek to Kalsubai

07th – 08th : Trek to Alang and Madan
07th – 08th : Night Trek to Irshalgad
07th – 08th : Dolphin Safari Special Anjarle tour
07th – 08th : Night Trek to Kalavantin Durg
07th – 08th : Adventurous Night Trek to Padargad

14th – 15th : Full Descend Trek to Sandhan Valley
15th : Trek to Sudhagad
15th : Thrilling One Day Trek to Harihar Fort
15th : Night Trek to Kalsubai

21st – 22nd : Night Trek to Irshalgad
21st – 22nd : Trek to Harishchandragad fort via the Nali chi vaat
21st – 22nd : Thrilling Night Trek to Bhairavgad (Moroshi)
22nd : One Day Trek to Visapur Fort
22nd : One Day Trek to Mahuli Fort
22nd : Night Trek to Matheran via Garbett point

28th – 29th : Easy level Night Trek to Anjaneri Fort
28th – 29th : Full Descend Trek to Sandhan Valley
28th : One Day Trek to Kohoj Fort
29th : Night Trek To Vikatgad (Peb) Fort

Schedule – Sahyadri – 2020


11th – 12th : Full Descend Trek to Sandhan Valley

25th – 26th : Full Descend Trek to Sandhan Valley

31st January – 02nd February : Range Trek from Rajgad to Torna
04th – 05th : Trek to Alang and Madan

18th – 19th : Trek to Harishchandragad fort via the Nali chi vaat
11th – 12th : Dolphin Safari Special Anjarle tour

18th – 19th : Thrilling Night Trek to Bhairavgad (Moroshi)
11th – 12th : Adventurous Night Trek to Padargad
04th – 05th : Night Trek to Kalavantin Durg

12th : Night Trek to Matheran via Garbett point

19th : Night Trek To Vikatgad (Peb) Fort

26th : Night Trek to Kalsubai
12th : One Day Trek to Mahuli Fort


08th – 09th : Dolphin Safari Special Anjarle tour
08th – 09th : Adventurous Night Trek to Padargad

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