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Like many people, when you left university, you had no idea what you wanted to do with the rest of your life. If you love travelling and want to turn this hobby into a job, then you might want to  consider becoming a professional. Making a career from adventuring is challenging adventurer. Everybody wanted to do something that they could be proud of when they will be old. The upside to becoming an adventurer is that you get to go off on expeditions to educate yourself. Currently, there are many self-styled adventurers on LinkedIn, all of whom are self-employed. Even though these people come from different backgrounds and industries, they regard travelling as a fundamental part of their professional life. Their work varies from accounting and finance, environmental services, real estate to photography and writing.

      The thing about adventurous careers is that everyone has a different definition of adventure. Below you’ll find a selection of jobs that we consider being amongst the most adventurous careers in the world:

Following are some career options in adventure


  • Photojournalist
  • Backpacking Trip Leader
  • Sky Diving Instructor
  • Storm Chaser
  • Safari Guide
  • Adventure Filmmaker
  • Alaska Crabbing Jobs
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Mountain Guide
  • Trek Leader
  • Movie Stuntman
  • Professional Adventurer
  • Travel Blogger

It is the secret to create multiple streams of income instead of relying on a single job.

Let’s discuss in details

Coaching events-

There are lots of people who want to be where you are, so why not help them on their way? Teaching and coaching don’t have to just be about adventuring. It could be about sharing your inspirations on making any dream come true. Or Coaching can be done either face to face or via an online platform. You could offer one to one coaching, workshops or group events. 


Freelance writing-

If you enjoy writing, this could be a good avenue to pursue. There are plenty of explorers who have written a book about their journey. If sales go well, this can provide a steady income. Do you feel you have something to share with the rest of the world? Or feel like talking about your adventures? This is a good place to start.

Organize events-

There is an audience looking for inspiration and activities to get them motivated. That’s why we have to organize events like

Evening talks called Night of Adventure

Festivals like Base Camp Festival

Adventure exhibitions

Activity days and weekends

Public speaking-

One way is to take up motivational speaking or storytelling, but this takes years of experience and practice. Learning something that not everyone knows means that you have to do something that not many people have done.

(Contact International Speaker & Trainer Anand Bansode )

Build your social media

A lot of brands are looking to work with influencers in this way. Another way you can make money with affiliate links is via social media. Make tends to be time specific like over a 1 week period.

This is only effective if you have a big following and are trusted enough that people will buy things you recommend. Especially as this is such a salesy way to advertise a product!



Get your camera and start making your face known to the world. Build social profile of an adventurer. Also, explore a little, take some pictures of the things you see and sell your work online or in prints.

Adventure Park

Like many people like to play adventure activities in their daily life. Adventure Park expert or leader job will be best option for them.


As a blogger, you are raising awareness, building your personal brand and creating a loyal customer base. A professional adventurer needs all the help he can get from social media, which can also help you make some money in the long run.

Requirements of Skills:


  1. An interest and aptitude in the field of adventure
  2. The ability to handle risky, unusual, and thrilling activities.
  3. The ability to work in teams.
  4. Good leadership quality.
  5. First aid awareness.
  6. Survival training.
  7. Should be able to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Today we manage Training and Adventure programs for clients and adventure travelers.

A career in adventure space is definitely challenging, if one has the courage and is adventurous enough then success is sure.

Please Contact Our head Mr. Anand Bansode (Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Writer, Influencer, Adventure Entrepreneur) to start your adventure Career.

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