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कळसुबाई शिखर चढण्याचा एक थरारक अनुभव

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Sir, what should I write about my first trekking experience? When my daughter forced me to join the Kalsubai trek, I told her who will climb up the hill and go through the mountains and walkway full of stones and other things. She told me only one thing dad you are not going alone you are going with Anand Bansode sir and you are in safe hand. I was incredibly excited. But I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. I was thinking I can never scale such heights till I made up my mind. From this trekking experience again I realize that, you can’t succeed if you don’t try. You could only fail if you didn’t try. From this trekking I comprehend we have to rise above our self and we will find there is a bigger world ahead that awaits. We are so engrossed in our own world, with our own little problems that we have lost all our capability to look beyond ourselves. From this trek I found if you come out of this messy city life, you will come across people who care, and who bond with strangers with no high expectations. Like our Dr. Khatte who was walking with other trekkers to reach the destination, till they reached he was with them. Actually he could had reached early, but he was with them to encourage and to motivate them to climb the hill. Apart from this one more thing I understand that trekking is not only to enjoy the landscape, walk through the muddy roads, but also to come out of your comfort zone, push yourself hard beyond your normal limit. Other people can motivate you to walk on the hard path but you have to walk yourself. Like Anandsir was motivating everybody, not only elderly people were walking, but a six year old girl was also climbing the hill with full of energy. As we walked, I realised that the wide path we had left behind had become quite narrow and soon we had to create a path as we walked. As we got closer to our destination, we were Witnessing nature unfold in layers in front of our eyes was making us to feel the most divine experiences of our life. When we reached the peak, it was like we are in different world touching the sky. That’s why people says Sky is the limit. From this trekking one should admit that Anandsir has got plethora of trekking experience, full of energy and lot more in his life basket. Hats off to you Anandsir

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